Good news, bad news, future news

The bad first:

My shoulder’s ligaments have not yet healed. I still need physical therapy and it’s still painfull to move it above my head. I can do some shoulder exercises with no pain, others I can’t do at all. I hate feeling helpless and I trully dislike not being able to completly rely on one of my arms. It’s hell.

The good:

At least the fractures healed. My doctor was very optimistic after he saw my results. The bone is in great shape, even if the ligaments are not. Some further good news, my cholesterol levels are almost in normal range. They decreased almost 15% in the last 2 years. Woohoo! This is a good sign for my diet at least.

The future:

I found 3 other people with which to compete in a “Walking year” competition. Simply put, for the rest of the year we will attempt to walk as much as we can and we’ll have weekly competitions. Since competition motivates me, I’m looking forward to get higher and higher walking averages. Go team!


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