Friday healthy round-up

Since I’m unable to move my left arm or my left hip without pain at the moment, I’m not doing any sort of work-outs. This Friday fitness round up has a big fat 0 in the fitness column.

However, I managed to get some trully inspired meals this week, curtesy of summer. Isn’t it wonderfull when you can gorge on sweet, sweet raspeberries or eat just peaches for dinner or enjoy a crisp summer salad?

The week’s scores:

Fitness 0/10 🙁

Food score 7/10 🙂


Although the week was not great, I’ve found some cool inspiring stories around the web:

Yoga poses for back pain – just in case my back is going to act up again.

21 ways to nourish your body – I’m not going to try accupuncture any time soon, I hate needles of any kind, but at least is this infographic shows that just how many activities we can do in order to care for our minds, bodies and souls and that they don’t have to be expensive.

Are you waiting for your real life to begin? – No, I am not. I’m taking charge.





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