How to improve your diet by using mind control

Yeah, we’re not talking about The Great Magneto coming to your house to hypnotize you, but rather some realy simple tricks that you can use to make it easier on yourself to lose weight. So without further ado, here are 3 simple rules to improve your diet by controlling your own mind:

Stop feeling guilty

“I shouldn’t eat pasta”. “I should eat more greens”. Enough with the guilt and the shoulds and the woulds and the coulds! Enough! So you ate a cheesecake slice, so what? If you now don’t compound the issue by chasing it with a can of soda, you’re still only 300-500 calories over the limit. Go heavy on the veggies for your next meal and the next, and the one after that and you will be back on track. The Catholics have a nice saying when they absolve you of your sins “Go and sin no more!”. It doesn’t mean you should indulge daily in calorie heavy foods, but the time to think about that is before you eat the damn cake, not after. Because you can’t guilt yourself thin.

Think about what you need to eat rather then obsess about you shouldn’t eat

It’s easy to say “I should never eat wheat”. But then, having taken that out, what are you going to eat? You’re still left with a big question mark over what your dinner will but now you’ve taken out oh, about 10 dinner options out of 3 million and you’re still hungry. But what if instead, you would have said “I’ll eat the chicken soup” or “I’ll have the green beans and the steak”. At that point, you have chosen to eat the good stuff and moved on with your life.

Rather than obsess over the latest findings in molecular nutrition and attempt to cut out meat or bread or pasta out of your diet, wouldn’t it be just so easy to make sure you actually get your five a day? Forget about fancy diets and just make sure that a good portion of diet is plant based, because while everything else is up for discussion, there is one thing that everyone agrees upon : Eat your veggies!

So figure out how to make sure that half of everything that you’re eating are green leafy things or tomatoes or cabbages or the pumpkin family or any of the hundred veggies that will help keep you healthy. Make this a priority, load your plates with the important things first and then you’ll be ok. Easy as … well … not pie.

Stop making so many decisions

As humans, we’re rather spectacularly bad at making decisions. Even judges get crabby and hand out longer sentences if they see a case just before lunch. When you’re hungry, stressed or tired, your thinking is impaired and that’s when you pounce on that huge candy bar or go through an entire can of Pringles. So try to make those decisions early on, rather than later.

I never buy a snack after going to the gym. Rather, I will pack my post-workout  snacks early in the morning and I’ll choose 1 piece of fruit and a handfull of almonds. So rather than go into a shop and rely on my willpower to only choose the healthy option, I don’t make that decision at all, I’ll eat what I packed in the morning. I make it easy for myself to do the right thing.

And this can be extended to any other food related decision you have to make. Never rely on willpower alone. Always try to have some sort of system in place, especially when going to a restaurant. Either research the food beforehand and choose a healthy dinner or consider rule number two above: get the veggies first and get a lot of them. When you had a couple of glasses of wine and you’re presented with 10 options for appetizers, that’s the wrong time for you to have to make a decision. But at least, even if you go for the wrong one, try not to feel guilt (rule number one) the day after. Just go on and eat your greens.


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