why towglow.com?

Have you ever felt like your life is “on hold” until you lose weight?

Because a few months ago I realized that my life was just that, “on hold”. I was waiting not to be fat any more. And in the meantime, the years were passing by, and my life remained unchanged, or rather getting worse.

I kept telling myself:

“When I’m not fat, I’ll be pretty and I can wear nice things. No need to bother finding nice clothes now, I don’t look good in them anyway, because I’m fat.

I’ll go dancing again when I’m not fat.

I’ll go on more trips when I’m not fat.

I’ll have a kid when I’m not fat.

I want to volunteer more, go out and do more for the community, but I can’t right now because I need to focus on myself first, fix my own problems. I’ll do that when I’m not fat.

My mother will quit criticizing when I’m not fat.

I’ll finally be happy, when I’m not fat.”

This list could go on and on and on and on. Every overweight person will have that list in their head, I can guarantee. A list of all the things that their bad health or bad shape is keeping them from. A list of their unfulfilled promises. And every overweight person will start 2016 thinking, yeah, this is the year I’ll get in shape and change my life. And they’d be right!

So this is where we come in! I’m Andrea by the way, nice to meet you! Together with my trainer Maria we want you to start 2016 the right way! We’re going to show you how to lose weight, and we’re going to use me as a “Guinea pig”. Stick around and make this January the month you finally take the next step for your life, your health and your happiness.

PS. Towglow stands for The Office Worker’s Guide to LOsing Weight.

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