#rightgoals for 2016

2015 was the year for #squadgoals right? So let’s make 2016 the year of #rightgoals!

Let’s focus on being healthy rather than flashy, how about it? Let’s find joy in the quiet pursuit of happiness, in watching ourselves grow stronger and fitter and, why not, in eating that perfect piece of cake :). I certainly have a few goals for 2016, but rather than make a statement of purpose at the beginning of the year, I’ll just take it one week at the time.

I’ll set my goals Sunday and finish them by Saturday evening. This way, there won’t be that dreaded “starting Monday I’ll never even look at chocolate” obsession that I used to have . I’ll give myself space to take it slow, but to work steadily towards my big goals.

So for this week, my #rightgoals are the following:

#rightgoal #fitnessgoal : re-start going to the gym after the holidays. Go to the gym at least 3 times until Saturday. I’m actually looking forward to this goal actually. Me! The couch potato! Oh how the mighty have fallen! A year ago I would have said this is imposible, but hey, I love it now!

#rightgoal #nutritiongoal: eat at least 8 ounces of vegetables a day. Everyone knows what a veggie is right? It’s those things that mom used to make you eat before you got desert. The icky green stuff or the gooey orange mush… No, I’m kidding, actually, veggies can be super delicious if cooked right. They just take a lot more thinking than going out at McDonald’s, or grabbing a pizza from the frozen aisle.

#rightgoal #soulgoal: this one is hard actually! I would like to start meditation, but I have been procrastinating for about 2 years now. I start, I do it for 2 days, I stop. Even though there are huge benefits to meditation, it’s just so hard for me to be consistent in this area. So I’m actually going to make it harder for me to fail this goal… because I only have to do it twice in a week. Twice a week for 5 minutes is not such an huge goal and if I can’t find 10 minutes in the 168 hour of a week I have bigger problems.

What are your #rightgoals of 2016?


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