New year, new start

New year, new start!

Every 1st of January, millions of people make promises that they know they will not keep. “I’ll go to the gym every day”, they say. Or “I’ll start losing weight”. Or “I’ll finally write that novel”. I know, because I’m that person. I’m that girl who promises the moon on the 31st of December only […]


Good news, bad news, future news

The bad first: My shoulder’s ligaments have not yet healed. I still need physical therapy and it’s still painfull to move it above my head. I can do some shoulder exercises with no pain, others I can’t do at all. I hate feeling helpless and I trully dislike not being able to completly rely on […]


Friday healthy round-up

Since I’m unable to move my left arm or my left hip without pain at the moment, I’m not doing any sort of work-outs. This Friday fitness round up has a big fat 0 in the fitness column. However, I managed to get some trully inspired meals this week, curtesy of summer. Isn’t it wonderfull […]


How I failed at everything.

So the last months were not exactly good for me. In fact, they went rather badly. I got persistent back pain for 2 weeks at the end of February and after a few investigations, I found out that I have a condition called spina bifida occulta – not very dangerous, just causing miss-alignments in my […]


How to improve your diet by using mind control

Yeah, we’re not talking about The Great Magneto coming to your house to hypnotize you, but rather some realy simple tricks that you can use to make it easier on yourself to lose weight. So without further ado, here are 3 simple rules to improve your diet by controlling your own mind: Stop feeling guilty […]


Set rules not goals

I’ve been saying “I want to lose weight” since I was seventeen and my mom got me my first diet book. Needless to say, that did not end well and I’ve been yo-yo dieting since then. It’s a long time to feel bad about your body, I can tell you that. But because of all […]


#rightgoals for 2016

2015 was the year for #squadgoals right? So let’s make 2016 the year of #rightgoals! Let’s focus on being healthy rather than flashy, how about it? Let’s find joy in the quiet pursuit of happiness, in watching ourselves grow stronger and fitter and, why not, in eating that perfect piece of cake :). I certainly […]